Seattle Chinese Food at Its Finest

Seattle is one of the most majorly populated and diverse cities in the United States. It is a hub of culture, and people from all over the world love to visit this beautiful city; not just to enjoy the scenic views and breathtaking cityscape, but also to experience Seattle itself. One of the things that Seattle boasts of is its overabundance of food establishments that are varied in its offerings. When it comes to Seattle Chinese food, you can certainly find for yourself more than any city’s fair share of excellent and authentic restaurants that will make you feel like you are actually dining in the orient.

“Japanese and Chinese food”

When looking for a Seattle Chinese restaurant, it may get a little bit daunting because of the number of choices that you have. There are so many restaurants in Seattle, and most, if not all, of them are such great places to eat. Here are a few places you definitely have to check out in Seattle once you get a hankering for some authentic Chinese food:

Tips For Preparing Chinese Food

A large number of people like to prepare Oriental food at home. Easy to prepare though, not all can get the same taste as they would in a restaurant. It is really important to follow a few principles while preparing Chinese food.

Wash all your vegetables and meet in advance. Make sure you have all the ingredients around you before you start cooking. All the vegetables must be washed and should be drained enough or else it will affect the taste of your recipe. Try to put all the vegetables in a tray in a manner that they do not mix up. It helps you putting the right vegetable at the right time. Cooking time for different vegetable will vary, so make sure you fry each vegetable properly. Do not forget to drain tofu. It can quickly absorb the taste of other ingredients in the dish.

Usually marinated meat is used in Chinese recipes and if you are cooking beef, it should be cut across the grain. To cut meat properly, cut it uniformly. Any specific sized pieces are not required.

A History of Chinese Food

Chinese food is a staple of the contemporary American diet. Railroad workers first introduced the American Chinese food category in the late 19th century. Throughout the years it was altered to match the palate of American restaurant goers. As a result of this history larger U.S. cities have a very well established “China Town”. When it comes to Tampa Chinese food however, we have somewhat of a shortfall in this category to say the least. The Tampa Chinese food scene has been called everything from dead on arrival to non-existent by online restaurant review articles. This is most likely because the larger U.S. cities, like New York, had more of an influx of immigrants who were developing the cuisine. So how did the Tampa Chinese Food scene develop throughout the years? Most likely it evolved over time in the 1950’s and 1960’s as people came to the Tampa area from other larger metropolitan areas that already had more established restaurants.

Yi Yuan Chinese Food and Restaurant”

Although it’s easy to

Why Chinese Food is a Healthy and Light Alternative to the Holiday Meal

Getting home for the holidays is the goal of many people this time of year.  There are so many holidays to celebrate in December, when you live in a large city you can quickly fill up your calendar, and forget to leave room for a break.  If you aren’t careful, you’ll return home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.  But it’s a wonderful time of the year to celebrate with family and friends.  One drawback to the holidays is all the eating that goes on.  The food is not bad by its self, it’s the effect it has on your diet and lifestyle that can be a downer.  One of the things many people do to offset the heavy meals that are traditionally served during this time of year is to opt for Chinese food as an alternative.  Many people own a wok today, and have become proficient in using it to stir fry vegetables with a little to no meat mixed in.  This lighter fare is delicious and light.  When you prepare it, you never feel weighted down.

One woman was so determined to stick to her diet she rented a car from

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Learn the Basic Terms of a Chinese Food

Chinese cuisine is well known all over the world for its rich history and the various complicated techniques and traditions involved in its preparation. Owing to its rich quality and competitive pricing, there is a growing demand for Chinese foods around the globe.

But, what most Europeans and Americans find mysterious are the several exotic terms that are used in a Chinese food menu. Although most Chinese restaurants serve their menus with English translation and a vivid description of some authentic dishes, it is always better to know some basic terms of a Chinese food menu. These terms will not help you make a better choice at a Chinese restaurant, but also understand the Chinese food recipes when you decide to cook something Chinese.

Following is a list of some basic terms of a Chinese food menu and their meanings:

1) Choy: This term is used to describe vegetables that serve as an appetizer as well as a garnish, and are an important part of Chinese cuisine.

2) Crab Rangoon: Crab Rangoon, a popular American Chinese appetizer, actually refers to deep-fried wontons filled with

How Does the American Chinese Food

American Chinese food is different from the native Oriental cuisine in many ways. In the former, vegetables are used to decorate the food, whereas in the Chinese cuisines, vegetables are the main ingredients. This is very obvious in the use of carrots and tomatoes. The use of Asian leafy vegetables and a lot of fresh meat and seafood is very common in the native Chinese cuisine on the other hand. Besides, American Chinese food is generally less spicy than the native Chinese food. Usually, local ingredients common in America but no often used in China, are used to prepare the dishes. For example, the use of broccoli is very common in the Americanized version, while it is rarely used in the authentic cuisine.

American Chinese dishes are very easy to prepare and take less time in cooking. Many dishes are cooked very quickly with a lot of oil and salt. Generally, low-priced ingredients and the most common methods of cooking, such as stir-frying, pan-frying, and deep-frying are used. All the cooking can be easily done with the help of a wok. American Chinese food contains high amount of MSG which is used to

Japanese and Chinese Food

Quite often the uninformed patron can mistake Japanese and Chinese food, dismissing their differences through ignorance or apathy and just labeling them as Asian cuisine. After all, if it has rice, meat, and some sauce it’s pretty much the same thing right? This really couldn’t be further from the truth as Japanese and Chinese foods have many differences in their respective cuisines through treatment of the meal, ingredients, and tastes.

The protein of the dish is probably the most glaring difference between the two cuisines. Japanese food is known for having seafood as a traditional part of the meal, with livestock only really being a dish on special occasions. Japan is a fairly mountainous island; while they had a bustling fishing economy, they really didn’t have much land for livestock to graze. Conversely, China has a lot more land space than Japan does, with much of its land smack in the middle of the continent of Asia. This means room for herding and raising livestock making meats like pork the mainstay of Chinese food, with smaller seafood salads being a course for holidays like the Lunar New Year.


Healthier Chinese Food Restaurants

In recent years, Chinese food is loved and becoming a favorite food among Westerners. Often people consider it as something a lot more Americanized than it is Chinese. This doesn’t imply that it is not fine neither does it mean that Chinese food dishes being served today are now far from the authentic ones. What people should be aware of about the Chinese dishes today is that it may be detrimental to their health and that is, if they consume a lot or if they don’t know just how to make healthier picks every time they visit a Chinese restaurant and order.

If you are a Chinese food enthusiast, be aware that there have been unhealthy issues that this sort of cuisine has been facing. Read on to learn what they are.

1. MSG content. One particular issue that Chinese food is facing is its MSG content. MSG is used commercially as a flavour enhancer. Although once associated with foods in Chinese restaurants, that’s no longer the problem now. Many Chinese restaurant have now reduced the amounts of MSG on the their dishes.

2. Calorie Content. On

Tips For Making Restaurant Quality Chinese Food

Without a doubt, Chinese cuisine is the most popular type of ethnic cuisine enjoyed by Americans. Indeed, the statistics show that there are more Asian restaurants than Italian and Mexican eateries combined. If you’ve ever asked yourself after eating at your favorite establishment why your attempts at making Chinese food at home never turn out quite right, there are a few tricks and techniques that you can learn to elevate your dishes to a whole new level. After reviewing these tips, you’ll be making restaurant quality Chinese food at home in no time to rival your favorite takeout establishment.

The first reason that food at a Chinese restaurant tastes a lot better than anything that you have made at home is that they are using the right ingredients. Your recipe for a dish like Szechuan Beef may call for soy sauce, but unless you have access to a local Asian supermarket, you’ll likely only have a few options at your regular grocery store. Moreover, most of the times, these brands are inferior in quality to anything that you would find in an ethnic market and would never be used by real Asian cooks.

Restaurant for a Taste of Homemade Chinese Food

It has been a year and half since we moved to East Bay. We found that its Asian population is increasing and discovered Chinese communities in East Bay. There are Asian food groceries, Japanese one-dollar shops, and a Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai restaurant, named Marina Mall, in the Union City mall. Our general contractor, who repaired our house right after we purchased it, told us about a restaurant that served homemade northeastern Chinese cuisine. The restaurant name is “Little Shen Yang.” Because the mall is located near a college, lots of students and young people seem to eat lunch in this restaurant.

The mall has two entrances, one off Alvarado-Nile Road and the other off Decoto Road. The restaurant is located in the deepest part of the mall. Since she was originally from AnShan-shi, which is close to Shen Yang, Mainland China, my wife was very interested in Little Shen Yang. There were two northeastern China-style food restaurants in the Peninsula, and we tried them, but all were bad experiences: my wife either did not like the restaurant because it served general, not authentic, Chinese foods, or we found that the restaurant had gone out of

What The Customized Chinese Food Boxes

There are many Chinese restaurants that makes use of the custom boxes. They use these boxes for delivery and to also take away their exclusive cousins. These Chinese food boxes, are good for packaging food items. They retain the heat of the soups, noodles and other items for a long period of time. They are also used for gifts and favors. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers and party favor items can be presented to guests in these boxes.

The Chinese culture is generally rich in nature. They are rich in terms of colors and calligraphic designs. The Chinese food boxes also portray the same tradition of the Chinese culture in style as well as design. Looking at these boxes from a promotional point of view, they also very useful. If you own a restaurant, making use of well-designed Chinese food boxes can help to boast up the name of your restaurant in the locality. These boxes can be made available in all custom shapes and sizes. They can be enriched, both in beauty and style by applying numerous designs and printing options.

We are all conversant with the Chinese food boxes,

Can Chinese Food Be Consumed During

A lot of women wonder if Chinese food can be a part of their diet during pregnancy. Well, the answer is yes. All you need to do is to know what you can eat and what not. The basic rule of consuming Chinese food is to have it in moderation. It will be nice to stick to rice, steamed vegetables, noodles, fish, and meat. You must avoid any kind of fried Chinese food. Food items like fried rice and egg rolls consist of high fat and therefore should be avoided.

Another important fact to know is that most Chinese food preparations use soy sauce. Such items consist of high amount of sodium which is not recommended to be consumed frequently. No matter you are pregnant or not, take such food items only occasionally. Sodium consumption causes water retention, something that most pregnant women are already coping up with. So, it is better to stay away from such food in such time.

It is advised not to eat Chinese sea food. Sea food items like fish consist of Mercury in them which is not at all advised to be consumed in

Cheap Eats For the Chinese Food Lover

Los Angeles County is home to over 400,000 Chinese-Americans. Undoubtedly, it has one of the largest ethnic Chinese populations outside of China. Many are first generation immigrants from China or are children of immigrant Chinese parents. In areas with a high population density of ethnic Chinese, one can find many skilled chefs and restaurateurs working in and running restaurants that serve good, authentic Chinese food, just like how they are being served in China. The prices are usually very affordable too.

Most of these restaurants are located in five main areas: the official Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Alhambra and Rowland Heights. Except for Chinatown, all areas are in the San Gabriel Valley. All 5 areas are within the confines of Los Angeles County, California.

To give you an idea about good cheap Chinese restaurants that you will find in the above areas, consider these three popular restaurants where you can enjoy good food at bargain prices:

Kang Kang Food Court (2 branches: Monterey Park, Alhambra)* – Despite the name, this is not a food court with multiple food vendors, but a self-service

How to Cook Low-Fat and Tasty Chinese Food

Everyone knows eating delicious Chinese food usually comes with a price: all those sodium, extra fat, and high-calorie dishes don’t bode well for those watching their diets. Your typical Chinese restaurant will pile on the oil and salt in order to maximize the taste and decrease their costs. Fresh ingredients usually cost more, and unless you are at high-end Asian dining establishment, expect the extra oil and salt (hidden in soy sauce, table salt, and oyster sauce, just to name a few) to end up on your plate and in your stomach.

The good news is that you can learn to make yummy Chinese food at home, which ensures you’ll be the master of your kitchen and be able to regulate exactly what goes in your Eastern meal.

1. First, grab your Chinese recipe. Google any good stir-fry recipe to get you started.

2. Find a wok and turn up the temperature. A wok is better than a regular pan since it distributes the heat more evenly, allowing your food to cook faster and thus soak up less oil. Cooking a a higher temp increases that effect.

Why You Should Opt For a Chinese Food Diet

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, the common question asked by many is whether or not it is possible to build a diet around Chinese food. Well, the answer to this question is an obvious ‘yes’. In fact, the Chinese are very health-conscious and the kinds of food they eat are usually very healthy. If you emphasize more on Chinese foods made with steamed vegetables or steamed meat, Chinese cuisine can definitely be a part of your health diet.

Following are 7 reasons why you should opt for a Chinese food diet:

1) The Chinese cooking methods, such as steaming, roasting, boiling, stewing, baking, involve the use of very little or no oil. In addition, most of the popular Chinese delicacies are stir-fried and not deep-fried, and thus are suitable for a health diet.

2) The traditional Chinese cuisine is such that a desired balance is maintained between the ‘Yin’ foods, which comprises of fruits and vegetables, and the ‘Yang’ foods, which refer to different types of meat. This balance, according to the Chinese, is very necessary to ward off most illnesses and ailments.

The Truth Behind Chinese Diets and What Makes Them So Powerful

Do Chinese diets really work? Can I really lose weight by eating all that greasy Chinese food I see at buffets and takeaway shops downtown? It’s a well known fact that America is one of the most overweight nations in the world. Contrast this with people living in China or of Chinese heritage and you start to wonder how or why this is so. It is not as if you never see an overweight Chinese person, but they are a minority and China definitely doesn’t suffer from the same dangerous obesity problem that America and other Western nations currently do. So what is the secret to losing weight by eating Chinese food? Can Chinese food really help me to shed those pounds? The short answer is yes, you really can lose weight by eating Chinese, but the kind of food we’re talking about here isn’t the type you find at the typical Chinese buffet people so like to frequent. The secret to losing weight the Chinese way is with traditional Chinese food.

So what is traditional Chinese food and how does it differ from what you normally get at the local Chinese buffet?

Tips for Making Chinese Food

Almost everyone has ordered Chinese for takeout or dined in a lovely restaurant at some point in their lives. It is a favorite tradition and culinary treat for people of all ages and backgrounds, making Chinese food one of the most popular choices for quick and diverse meals. If you find yourself enjoying this food but wanting to save money by preparing it yourself, check out the following tips for making Chinese food at home.

The first thing to consider before cooking it on your own is to consult trusted and reviewed recipes. You do not want to experiment with a recipe that is not known to be successful or delicious. The preparation, cookware, ingredients, and timing are all key factors that should be planned before diving into a new recipe, especially if you are trying to imitate one you enjoyed from a restaurant in the past.

Keep in mind that your creations in the kitchen could taste a little different than the ones that you have outside of your home. Although many sauces and seasonings are available in the stores today, some chefs use truly secret ingredients to give

Chinese Food

Chinese food now holds a popular place among the entire population of the world. You can find a Chinese restaurant in every major city and in many smaller areas of the world as well. Why is Chinese food so popular? Is Chinese food healthy? What is the history of Chinese food?

The History of Chinese Food

The history of Chinese food is an interesting one. Unlike many cultures the Chinese believe that the preparation of food is an art and not simply a craft. The art of cooking Chinese food can include dishes and food preparation techniques which are difficult to develop and may require the expertise of a chef with lots of experience.

Chinese food and the way it is prepared is very much influenced by the two major philosophies, which influence the entire Chinese culture. These dominant philosophies are Confucianism and Taoism. Both have these philosophies have influenced the way that the Chinese people cook and the way that they enjoy their food.

Confucianism and Chinese Cuisine

Confucius was the man behind the Confucianism beliefs. Among many other standards

Chinese Food, and a Little More

Those beautiful red lanterns that hang invitingly outside so many establishments have come to signify a lot – in Kabul, of all the places. Kabul, embattled, bruised and bleeding is not quite broken. It’s attracting Chinese restaurants by the dozens.

I can imagine the tough Pathans as they make their way out of the restaurants, smacking their lips in delight, thinking, “Chinese tastes delicious”.

China Daily reports how many Chinese restaurants have sprung up in Kabul’s upmarket areas. But the police are cracking down on them because a Chinese meal there signifies more than just chilly chicken and fried wantons. It signifies food of a higher (or lower) nature, depending on where you’re coming from.

Scores of Chinese women have been arrested for allegedly feeding the lust of mostly expats and some Afghans too, thus unleashing moral corruption among its holy denizens. In China, women are often ‘afraid’ of getting too close to foreigners, though many do. There are size issues – how can the petite and tiny fit in what is large and ‘monstrous’? There are social issues, too. How can Chinese men accept a woman